[LAU] Hello and configuring audio

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Wed Jan 9 08:14:35 EST 2008

M-.-n wrote:
> Linux eeepc-n0s #21Sat Oct 13 12:14:03 EDT 2007 i686 
> GNU/Linux
> I am not at all sure it's an interrupt/cpu load problem. Further 
> research showed amarok runs fine but it's the only one I can play 
> without glitches.

good news. so your hardware is not the problem.
iirc, amarok can use a number of audio backends - my guess is it's using
aRTs (as someone else suggested already). perhaps arts is ok, but messes
up other program's audio performance?
look it up in the amarok prefs, and if arts is running, kill it (you can
 permanently disable it with kcontrolcenter).

> I was wondering about the window dragging too but it 
> doesn't seem to have any influence. 

also good news, because that one is hard to fix on a laptop...

jörn nettingsmeier

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