[LAU] ArdourVST - Latency Management

Sebastian Tschöpel tschoseb at tu-cottbus.de
Wed Jan 9 10:06:40 EST 2008

Hi Fons,

> one has the artificial latency plugin. Their outputs are still
> the same... Seems like Ardour does try to compensate for the fake
> latency (the playhead moves back when started, output is delayed),

Correct. Ardour does. But apparently not when i use VST plugins.

 > Another question is why your plugins are producing
 > so much delay. The plugin mechanism by itself doesn't.
 > EQ certainly shouldn't, a reverb should pass the dr....

Well, that is something only the authors can give an answer for. First 
of all, this is a problem I have with all VST plugins I tried. When 
there are plugins that seem to produce no/nearly no latency then its 
only a task of opening more of them in the same strip to see whats 
really going on. For some others, like the (wonderful and free) SIR 
convolution/impulse response reverb, it only takes one instance.

Best regards,

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