[LAU] [ANN] zynadd plugin version 1

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Wed Jan 9 14:37:57 EST 2008

The zyn project main goal is to extract synth engines from ZynAddSubFX
and pack them in LV2 plugin format. Resulting plugin(s) are heavily
based on work made by Nasca Octavian Paul.

Project goals:
 * Port ZynAddSubFX synth engines to LV2
 * Fix some inherit issues preventing hard-realtime mode of operation,
   causing clicks sometimes (memory allocation/sleep in audio process
 * Make synth engines reusable in source form
 * Make all synth engines parameters controlable on the fly (as opposed
   to original "parameter change takes effect on next note on" strategy)

Currently only zynadd (ADDsynth) is ported. Not all parameters are
exposed yet. Nevertheless plugin produces sound/noise and has enough
parameters exposed to tweak sound generation at great extent.

You need lv2dynparam plugin library to compile the plugin.

Project homepage:


Get tarball from here:


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