[LAU] ArdourVST - Latency Management

Sebastian tschoseb at tu-cottbus.de
Thu Jan 10 07:07:50 EST 2008

Hello List,
Hello JackLab Team,

I tried some things today concerning this latency issue. To sum up:

There wasn't any problem with the plugins itself. As I said, I tried a 
lot of them and the problem appeared anyway. I didn't try it on my 
"music-machine" but on my laptop I worked with two different ArdourVST 
versions today.

First build: http://wiki.jacklab.net/index.php/Ardour_with_VST
The second one made by following this manual: 

Well, it worked with the second build so I assume it has something to do 
with the Jacklab build. I'm going to try it on my "music-machine" later 
today and will tell you about my experiences.

Best regards,

web: linuxaudioblog.sternenhejim.de

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