[LAU] searching for good guitareffects

Sebastian tschoseb at tu-cottbus.de
Fri Jan 11 10:34:39 EST 2008



These are AFAIK all ladspa plugins that are available. Since you aren't 
asking for something specifically, you'll have to check out if there is 
something useful for you (short descriptions to all of the plugins can 
be found by following the links).


Well, the whole world of VST. Unfortunately not usable with jack-rack 
and ams. But for a channelstrip in Ardour or Om/Ingen (similiar to AMS) 
you could also use this comprehensive ressource.

A QUESTION: I read something about a vst->ladspa wrapper (ladspavst.so 
or something). Is there such a wrapper, because I couldn't find anything 
by googling => In other words: Is there a way to use VST plugins in a 
LADSPA environment.

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