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Fri Jan 11 21:51:20 EST 2008

i'm no expert on the 'jazz sound', but the way i'd approach it (my audio
setup is completely stuffed at the moment, so i can't test it to see how it
would sound) is this:

for jazz you don't really want any noticeable distortion, but for the
vintage jazz sound, the amp would still compress a bit. the older amps also
were not very good with high frequencies (or very low frequencies for that
matter), so assuming the caps plugins don't do what you want (i find very
few 'amp sim' plugins sound right if they aren't being used for rock or
metal) then maybe use some lowpass and highpass filters to roll off the
extremes (especially the top end) and then a parametric filter to boost
around (i am guessing) 150-300hz to simulate the 'poor' cabinet resonances
and so forth. if it were me i would still use a soft distortion plugin very
slightly to give it a bit of life, but that depends on how clean you like
your sound. you should also put a bit of reverb on, especially if you are
using headphones. i don't know how flexible the routing is on jack-rack etc,
but i would also try to roll off a bit of the high frequencies of the reverb
as well to get rid of the 'sparkly' reverb sound (maybe the reverb plugins
can handle this internally, i can't remember).

so what i would do is:
guitar input >
compressor (reasonably strong) >
high pass/low pass filters >
parametric filters >
distortion >
reverb >
low pass (if possible and necessary)

hope this helps

On 12/01/2008, Juan Fabián Simón <treees at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, try to search in previous posts of this list, since about one
> month ago (around 9-dic)
> someone started a thread about that, and maybe you'll find some info
> there.
> I'm recalling a little:
> http://gnupc.de/~zettberlin/law/patches/ams/ams-guitrack_RC1.ams
> (the author says it sounds like a marshall combo amp).
> There's a guy from the Musix project who made some jack-rack presets,
> you'll find some info here:
> http://audiores.uint8.com.ar/files/code/LADSPA_plugins/disthordian/index.php
> http://www.musix.org.ar/wiki/index.php/Distorsion_para_guitarra_disthordian
> (but sorry, it's in spanish, though maybe google can hack that ;) )
> Luck!
> Juan.
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