[LAU] Some Problems/Questions (about jack , qmidiarp and maybe other)

luigi curzi luigi_curzi at yahoo.it
Sat Jan 12 15:41:07 EST 2008

thanks for the answer.

Il giorno Sat, 12 Jan 2008 21:20:07 +0100
Hermann Meyer <brummer- at web.de> ha scritto:

> hi
> when I use vsthost and wineasio I set the Frames/Period to 2048 with
> a real bad latency from 85.3 msec. There for I use qjackctl with two
> different presets.
> Normaly I use dssi-vst for vsti's with a Frames/Period 128 and
> latency from 5.33 msec.

i try to use dssi-vst, but some plugins that in vsthost works, in
dssi-vst don't work. for example minimogueva freeze all system. 
> some apps will launch jack if you start them with jacklaunch appname.
> I dont now your apps, maby it works.

qmidiarp has jack support but i don't know how connect applications in
jack. in jack connection page i see qmidiarp but i dont' know how can i
use it.

> greetings   hermann

ciao Luigi
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