[LAU] Some Problems/Questions (about jack , qmidiarp and maybe other)

Luigi Curzi luigi_curzi at yahoo.it
Sun Jan 13 17:00:44 EST 2008

--- Hermann Meyer <brummer- at web.de> ha scritto:

> > can you provide an example of qmidiarp
> connection/use?
> > i don't know i can use it and make it sound.
> Okay, now I understand what you meen.
> You get a Midi in and Out put port in qjackconnect.
> Connect your Keyboard or 
> vkeybd with QMidiArp Input Port, connect QMidiArp
> Output with your Synthy or 
> WaveTable. You will see it work like a router an
> spliter. Now you can load 
> the example demo.qma file . Play again your Keyboard
> and you will see for 
> what you can use QMidiArp.
> You can write Pattern and play them with your
> keyboard.

i try, thanks.

> I dont know qmidiarp befor, its funy. But it's old
> and would't compile clean 
> on my debian/sid.

i can install it without problems on my debian sid.
do you know other midi arpeggiator?
i try to use also hypercyclic (very good but no-gpl),
but i have some problem.

> greetings     hermann


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