[LAU] Ingen/Om as Jack Client?

Sebastian tschoseb at tu-cottbus.de
Mon Jan 14 08:41:11 EST 2008

Hi Esben,

sorry, but that was an old mail I re-posted. I tried it with the latest 
SVN version and yes, there is no ingenuity anymore but I never tried 
"ingen -e" and seperately "ingen -g" :) This helps.... thank you.

Jost did the job as well.

The only problem is: I originally wanted to use such modular synths 
because of dssi-vst. Well, this doesn't seem to work because dssi-vst 
needs a parameter on initialization (the desired vst-plugin). Therefore 
I can't run a dssi-vst in Ingen or Jost.

The question of all questions: Is there a way to use VST plugins in a 
modular synth like AMS, Jost (or Ingen, but i'd rather use the other ones)??

Best regards,

web: linuxaudioblog.sternenhejim.de

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