[LAU] Need to convert 24bit/48000 to 16bit/44100 stereo on linux

plutek-infinity plutek at infinity.net
Mon Jan 14 09:34:22 EST 2008

>From: Esben Stien <b0ef at esben-stien.name>

>Bobo <jadesecurity at earthlink.net> writes:
>> What is the best command line (or other) way to convert 24/48K to CD
>> quality
>sndfile-resample -to 44100 foo.wav bar.wav
>//convert to 16 bit
>sndfile-convert -pcm16 bar.wav baz.wav
>> I think sox is not 24 bit capable.
>Esben Stien is b0ef at e     s      a             

in your opinion, is sndfile-convert currently the highest-quality SR convertor available on linux?


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