[LAU] Ingen/Om as Jack Client?

Sebastian tschoseb at tu-cottbus.de
Mon Jan 14 09:41:06 EST 2008

Hi chris,

 > (n.b. I haven't actually tried using dssi-vst in Ingen or Jost.)

Well, with Jost it doesn't work. At least not on my computer. When I try 
to load dssi-vst into the patch-area the prog freezes. No chance of 
trying anything else. And with ingen: Where do I have to put my plugins 
to? The basic DSSI_PATH=/usr/local/lib/dssi (tried others, even own 
paths) seems not to be the right choice since I cannot find the DSSI 
plugins in ingen. Exactly like I didn't found anything about this issue 
on the drobilla site.

When i set the ladspa path to the location where the dssi plugins are, 
then i can find them (except for dssi-vst) but when i load any of them, 
there is no midi-input (which is not very odd, since they are listed as 
ladspa-plugins, not having any midi-inputs so far).

Alles sehr merkwürdig.

Best regards,

web: linuxaudioblog.sternenhejim.de

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