[LAU] A pc without noise!

frank frankpirrone at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 19:23:29 EST 2008

Studio 32 wrote:
> Hey,
> My pc makes to much noise. :( I've two harddisk in it and I think the cooler makes te most noise.
> Will it help to remove one harddisk?
> What else can I do without spending too much money?
> Regards,
> Studio32
1) When shopping shop quiet - some Shuttle models are fanless or nearly so
2) Yes, I suppose the Mini is quiet, and can run Jack/Ardour/etc., but 
you're still shopping
3) Given what you've already got, and avoiding shopping, do what some 
parents do with a noisy child - send it to its room, or leave it where 
it is and they move to another room

I assume you need to quiet things down for recording and not just 
because it annoys you. If so, #3 above means do your recording away from 
the computer. I've got a Behringer mixer and 20' microphone and 
instrument cables. It's no problem to hit record and walk over to the 
mike. That's the second part of #3.

You could also employ a sound baffle that the noise is placed behind - 
not inside as that would cook the poor thing, but just some acoustically 
absorptive material (simple as a pillow) in the "path" of the noise to 
the microphone.

The first part of #3 would be to locate the computer box out of the 
acoustic area where the work is being done. A simple example, even if a 
bit radical, would be to put it outside a window with the cables 
entering through the small opening - which could also be "sealed" with a 
towel or something. The hallway or whatever is outside the room would 
work as well, and even a closet which might be considerably cooler than 
the working room if it's anything like mine in this cold area and with 
poor insulation.

Good luck!


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