[LAU] Using a microphone to record acoustic guitar

frank frankpirrone at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 21:28:04 EST 2008

Leslie P. Polzer wrote:
> Hello folks,
> will a vocals microphone produce acceptable results when used to record
> an acoustic instrument?
>   Leslie

A mike I've used is the Shure SM-58, one of the more popular affordable 
voice mikes.  It has a nice pattern and good proximity response with 
modest windscreen performance.  I run that into the low impedance input 
of a quiet Behringer mixer and its line-out into the computer's 
line-in.  The dynamic range and fidelity are good as is the overall voice.

I find that with my rather high-end acoustic guitars positioning the 
microphone with the ball below the sound hole, tipped up enough to be 
pointing at the strings above the sound hole and close enough where the 
resonance of the top is within the off-axis pick up pattern give me a 
strong voice with balanced wood, string and projection, and with a 
minimum of left hand finger noise.

Let us know what you learn from your work.


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