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Thu Jan 17 03:47:58 EST 2008

i don't know of any specifics, but in theory i can think of two ways to do
it: one is to add a constant time offset to any 'note off' or 'note on with
0 velocity' event, and the other is to ignore those events and add them in
manually by taking the normal note on event and adding a note off (or 0)
event with a constant offset. don't know what things you can do it in
though, maybe puredata?


On 17/01/2008, lanas <lanas at securenet.net> wrote:
> Hello,
>   Looking for a way to 'elongate' the period of MIDI events.
>   Doctor, what should I do to please her ears ?
>   Seriously, the problem is, Qsynth cannot play any MIDI note that is
> played by a percussive MIDI pad, in this case the Alesis Control Pad
> played with drum sticks. Here's the thing (cheap at some $250 brand
> new):
> http://www.alesis.com/product.php?id=103
>   It's as plain and simple as that.  Can anyone
> verify it ? Start up Qsynth, load the Chromium sound font, pick a piano
> sound, connect a MIDI percussive instrument, and try to play 10
> consecutive, clear notes.  No way.  Try then with a percussive
> soundfont.  A drum set.
>   Now, do the same with Hydrogen and the same MIDI pad.  Works nicely.
> Velocity works also nicely. Now make it take into account MIDI note offs
> (it's in the Preferences, the default being to ignore them).  You'll
> see that although most notes play OK, some are clipped.
>   Try also with WhySynth.  Some patches work OK, some don't.  When they
> work, they even work with drum stick rebounds, as with Hydrogen.
>   From Kmidimon, the Alesis Control Pad MIDI notes, when hit with drum
> sticks, last typically 1 unit of time (whatever unit that is) eg.:
> Time   Event     Data1    Data2
> 89985  Note on   63       0
> 89984  Note on   63       55
>   Whereas the shortest note I can do on an Axiom 25 keyboard looks like:
> Time   Event     Data1    Data2
> 41067  Note on   89       00
> 41051  Note on   89       94
>   That's a whole 16 units of whatever time.  Same with the Axiom's
> pads: they last a long time and thus, interact OK with Qsynth.
>   My theory about Qsynth (Fluidsynth...) is that the MIDI notes sent by
> the MIDI percussion instrument are too short for it to pick them up.
> Could that be ?  It'd be nice to play all those available percussive
> soundfonts using a MIDI percussion controller.  Wprks all right with
> Hydrogen, but not with Qsynth.  Should Alesis make their Control Pad
> send longer MIDI notes ?  Or have a programmable parameter for each
> note ?  I don't know.  Hydrogen works, but not Qsynth.
>   But then, can there be a default note length ?  I would be glad to
> set some default note length.  I could even take the time to set notes
> lengths according to soundfonts and load them with the instruments...
> as long as there's a filter that could do that.
>   So, is there a MIDI filter out there that would enable something like
> this ?  To make (all or specific) MIDI notes last longer ?
> Thanks for reading, and do not hesitate to throw suggestions.
> Jam, no spam,
> Al
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