[LAU] A pc without noise!

Paul Winkler pw_lists at slinkp.com
Thu Jan 17 14:11:08 EST 2008

> Dave Phillips wrote:
> At long last I've replaced the video card in my JAD box. I put in a
silent GeForce 7600GS, just like in my 64Studio machine, and that
incredibly annoying fan noise is *gone*.
> Now I can hear the hard drive much better. :-/

Heh, that happened to me too. That's how noise is: get rid of one noise
and then you can hear something else that it was masking.

My drive noise isn't too bad, mostly a little seek noise from the main
drive. My audio drive is mounted in a cheap 3.5-to-5.25" adapter frame
that attaches to the chassis with rubber grommets; I don't hear that one
as much.  But they're different makes and models of drive, so I don't know
how much that has to do with it.



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