[LAU] Period Elongation NOW !

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Thu Jan 17 19:44:03 EST 2008

Le Jeudi, 17 Janvier 2008 11:43:00 +0100,
Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org> a écrit :

> Yes, Pd can do it and it's a common idiom to filter out note-offs if
> you're not interested in them with the [stripnote] object. A
> minimal note off filter patch would look like this: 
>  [notein]
>  |   |
>  [stripnote]
>  |   |
>  [noteout]
> Make that with Pd, aconnect it as you like and that's it.

> Or maybe they get played, but turned off immediatly? At least that
> would be the correct behaviour if you play a very short note. If you
> don't want notes to turn off immediatly, then use a note off filter as
> above.

Shortly after writing the msg I saw an article to the effect that pd
can do that.  Problem is, I use Fedora Core 6 x86_64 and pd is not
available through CCRMA for it.  I could compile it but then, I might
have more fun doing a Perl or C(++) utility for this purpose instead of
trying to make a huge package work on a platform that seemingly is not

I thought of incorporating delays in between notes on and off.  The
filter gets the MIDI note from the MIDI percussion pad, sends it to the
synth, then waits some time and sends a note off.  Now, I have
presently no idea what time units MIDI is using.  Doesn't look like
microseconds, maybe milliseconds ?  I'll check it out.

I also thought that it could be fun to have some kind of a pedal that
would control that delay.  A percussion player could then make the
sounds short or long or anything in between with that MIDI control pedal
that would be an input to the filter.  That sounds good, so to speak,
but then, one has to make it jack compatible which is another thing



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