[LAU] Marrying MIDI with Music

Norval Watson norv2001 at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jan 18 19:45:53 EST 2008

No buzz on mid(?)town $600 monitors ;)

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On Thursday 17 January 2008 20:37:44 Charles Linart wrote:
> Hello everybody.  Have been experimenting lately.  Reared on dear old
> pros and old hands, but it represents a major breakthrough for me.
> Since lam.fugal.net is down for the count, here it is.  Feedback
> be appreciated, but please be gentle in your criticism as I am a
> novice and a sensitive type.
> http://charliehiphop.com/audio/download/226/newexperiment.ogg
  Charles the bass just buzzed my speakers out.  Beat was ok but over
with buzz. Probably ok on a set of up town speakers.
Keep on.
Hope that helps.

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