[LAU] Distortion with preamp

Leslie P. Polzer leslie.polzer at gmx.net
Mon Jan 21 04:21:10 EST 2008

> Is the red clip light on at all?

I never have any clipping at the Buddy, even at 100% gain.

> In other words, is the Audio Budd clipping or are you overdriving your sound card inputs?

Hm. How do I check whether I'm overdriving my sound card inputs?
Guess the distortion is enough of a sign :)

> With my Les Paul, I keep the gain very low (like the 9 o'clock
> position, so yes, 20-30%).  For my Fender bass, usually a little
> higher (but still less than 50%).  I get an adequate, clean signal
> into my Delta 66 at those levels.

Alright, so it's probably my sound card inputs.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Paul.


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