[LAU] Maintaining MIDI Connections

Miguel M therevoltingx at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 19:10:04 EST 2008

Ok, I have a two part question.  First, is there a tool like
jack.plumbing to maintain MIDI connections.  If there's not, I'd be
happy to help in the development of one.  I would use QJackCtl's
patchbay feature but I need to set up and maintain these connections
quickly and would prefer to use a simple text file for connections rules
and have a daemon that maintains them.  

Secondly,  what is the difference between the JACK midi and the ALSA
midi.  So far, I haven't seen many applications that support the JACK
MIDI.  Can I communicate between ALSA MIDI applications and JACK midi
ones?  If not, what is the point of adding MIDI capabilities to JACK?

Thanks in advance,

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