[LAU] xruns with m-audio fast track pro on fedora 8 ccrma

Florent Berthaut hitmuri at no-log.org
Wed Jan 23 05:47:42 EST 2008

Rui Nuno Capela a écrit :
> hitmuri at no-log.org wrote:
>> 4) rtirq
>> I noticed that in the rtirq script , i have these lines:
>> RTIRQ_NAME_LIST="rtc snd usb i8042"
>> Do they need to be changed when using a usb soundcard ?
> no.
> but if you don't have or plan to use any pci soundcard (that includes
> any onboard chip), you can get it finer with:
> RTIRQ_NAME_LIST="rtc usb snd i8042"
> or, if you're sure which usb host controller your soundcard gets always
> plugged into, for instance you know it's always the second one, you can
> get no better that this magic:
> RTIRQ_NAME_LIST="rtc usb2 i8042"
> byee

Ok I tried that but it doesn't change anything.


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