[LAU] xruns with m-audio fast track pro on fedora 8 ccrma

Florent Berthaut hitmuri at no-log.org
Wed Jan 23 05:51:37 EST 2008

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano a écrit :
> A more basic question... what parameters are you using when you start
> jackd?
> -- Fernando

/usr/bin/jackd -R -P70 -t1000 -u -dalsa -r44100 -p64 -n2 -D -Chw:0,1 
-Phw:0,0 -S -i2 -o2

I've just tried ubuntu studio , and i really got less xruns than with 
fedora without tweaking anything. They have the 2.6.22 kernel. But i'd 
like to stay with fedora , ubuntu studio's packages are not up to date 
and completely messed up.


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