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Benjamin Coudrin benjamin.coudrin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 12:14:54 EST 2008


There is a Free Software event in south of France this summer.

We would like to make a place for libre audio and libre culture, which
includes conferences and workshop around the tools (softwares), the
diffusion (medias, communities, ...), the licences, the users (examples of
audio studio using free technologies, examples of libre artits, ... )

So don't hesitate to send your propositions

Here is the official call for conference :

>From 1st to 5th July 2008, the Ninth Libre Software Meeting(9th LSM) will
take place in Mont-de-Marsan, in south of France. Hundreds of conferences,
workshops and showings will be programmed.

To maintain the interest of the public, it is important for LSM to renew the
content of different themes. So, if you participate in a new or unknown
project, if you wish to share your passion and your libre software
experience, we will gladly welcome you during LSM 2008.

We start a large call for communications on the following axes :

   - thematic conferences - all subjects are interesting, particularly
   those we have not thought about ...
   - projects or libre softwares presentations
   - workshop animations (development, initiation, ... )

To propose to the public a rich and various content, please send your
propositons, suggestions and ideas before February 8th to appel2008 at

*Contacts :* (program directors)

Nicolas Ducoulombier : nicolas at ldd.fr <nicolas%20at%20ldd.fr>
Christophe Merlet : redfox at redfoxcenter.org<redfox%20at%20redfoxcenter.org>

The definite programme, theme list, conferences and contributors will be
highly influenced by the feedback we will get from this call for

Do not hesitate to participate and give worthy projects wide visibility.

Benjamin Coudrin
benjamin.coudrin at gmail.com
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