[LAU] [ANN] klick 0.5

Dominic Sacré dominic.sacre at gmx.de
Wed Jan 23 20:28:06 EST 2008

Hi Matthias,

On Wednesday 23 January 2008 22:22:36 Matthias Schönborn wrote:
> Only thing is, that klick gets segmentation faults a lot of the times - I'm
> using it with ardour with transport enabled, and most of the times I start
> the song in ardour, klick exits with a segmentation fault (core dumped). Is
> there anything I can do about it?

I can't reproduce that here... Could you please build a debug version of 
klick? To do this, edit the SConstruct file, and replace "-O2" with "-g" in 
line 8. Then build and install as usual.

Before you start klick, run "ulimit -c unlimited" in the same shell. This will 
produce a core dump (named core or core.$PID) in the current directory when 
klick crashes. To inspect the core dump, run "gdb klick <core>". If you could 
send me the output of "thread apply all bt", that should help to find out 
what the problem is.



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