[LAU] [ANN] zynjacku version 1 released

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Fri Jan 25 23:41:44 EST 2008

> zynjacku-1 will not build against slv2-0.5.x series. zynjacku-2 will
> (when released). What version of slv2 is being zynjacku compiled
> against, when the build fail log was captured? zynjacku-1 should build
> fine against any slv2-0.4.x. I have 0.4.5 here.


Okay, I build zyn and zynjacku against slv2-0.4.5 and be happy again.
Nice to see the synth list grow up. 
I also rebuild ardour and the swh-lv2-plugins against 0.4.5 

reegards       hermann

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