Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Mon Jan 28 08:12:25 EST 2008

Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> for example, if one needed a higher resolution for a note-on events  
>> velocity,
>> the event could be followed by a sysex data with one or two additional
>> 7-bit values. (kind like it's already done with MSB and LSB for some
>> controller values)
> one word: NRPN.  thats what its there for.

is there a non-ugly implementation of NRPNs available for linux/alsa? i
have a beast here that emits them (peavey studiomix), and having looked
at the wire protocol i got so disgusted i never got around to writing a
midi mapper for it. imnsho, NRPN is the final dying curse of a smitten
evil overlord whose casked should be welded shut for good (i'm with fons
in this respect).

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