[LAU] Music video made with linux for music made with linux

Frank Pirrone frankpirrone at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 11:27:18 EST 2008

Johannes Mario Ringheim wrote:
> Ken Restivo wrote:
>> My 7-year-old daughter was transfixed by a stop-action video remix of
>> a Familjen song, and wanted to do something like that. So I sat her
>> down with a digital camera and told her to have at it:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4huY3paWec
>> Video made with linux (qiv, ImageMagick, mencoder, avimerge), to go
>> with music made with linux (seq24, specimen, fluidsynth, hydrogen,
>> etc).
> Hey, that's some really funky music you got there, and the video ain't 
> bad either! Reminds me of something like Bob James, or Herbie Hancock. 
> Are some of the instruments live, or just software? Sounds like a band 
> on my laptop speakers/youtube quality.
> Keep on coming with the funkyness, the video also matched the tune 
> pretty well!
> -johannes.
Hi Johannes,

I hope you don't mind my hitchhiking on your message to reach Ken - it's 
partially a reply to you anyway.  Yes, Herbie Hancock indeed.  
Headhunter, from my experience.  No doubt about it, Ken is all funked up.

Charming piece with your daughter Ken, and I'm sure she's delighted and 


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