[LAU] Horrible number of xruns in Jack (Emu card)

Darren Landrum darren.landrum at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 29 10:56:30 EST 2008

Ctirad Fertr wrote:
> What devices do you use for capture and playback? The most suitable setup for 
> jack is hw:0,2 for capture and hw:0,0 for playback. Also make sure that your 
> samplerate in jack matches actual samplerate (see alsamixer). 

That's how I currently have mine set up as well, and all sample rates 
match. It works, so far.

> Any recent alsa (1.0.15 and up) should work well. I have had 1212m nad now I 
> have 1616m cardbus. Apart from missing 24bit playback, higher samplerates and 
> some bells and whistles, these cards work pretty well with alsa. 

Yeah, 24-bit playback is the only thing left that I want.


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