[LAU] OT: linux phone?

kloni wotski kloniwotski at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 1 18:18:41 EDT 2008

One that hasn't been mentioned so far, non-free firmware (I believe)
but making use of the armel debian repos: Titchy Mobile on the HTC
Universal. (Yep! Debian on a phone!)


which can make calls and send sms from the commandline, and receive
them via a whiptail dialog interface.

You can run X, and ppp over gprs/umts is also supported, according
the wiki

Wifi used to work, is now unstable, but will probably be fixed sometime.

Definitely an alpha environment, but fun! It's a sort of un-sponsored,
in-the-teeth-of-the-manufacturers effort. The handset is clunky and
unfashionably huge, but with a unique swivel-screen arrangement that
might tweak your tech-toy neurons :)

There are other linux images available for the Universal including qtopia,


but development has severely slowed there.

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