[LAU] how to start in the middle of a song in seq24

Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 20:41:31 EDT 2008


I'm using seq24 + soundfonts to practise jazz charts;  I play each part in
seq24, record it, loop it, and practise the different sections.  I have been
trying to use the Song Editor to arrange the song in sections according to
the chart, then loop over certain sections that I want to focus on.

The problem I am having is that, when I loop, I have to start at the
beginning every time.  Once the playhead gets to the loop, it loops the
section I want, but this is sort of wasting practice time, as I have to
start from the beginning every time I stop.

So, long story short, is there a way to start in the middle of the song, or
start at the beginning of the loop?

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