[LAU] Minicomputer Presets

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Wed Jun 4 08:46:48 EDT 2008


I wrote Minicomputer.

>> 1) i can't hear any sounds, also if i increase any knoobs;
> i can hear some sounds (i forgot some knoobs, :-)), but any key on the
> keyboard puts out same sound
Yes, the initial state of the knobs is not good (even dangerous because 
of high values of the filter resonaces, I think this is what you hear) 
and subject of upcoming change. Anyway, there is an init preset you 
should be able to import. In the directory factorySounds the 
>> 2) i can't load presets (for some tests): i click on "import sound", i
>> choose "minicomputerMulti.txt" (or others) but nothing happens.
You can import/export only single sounds, like the initsinglesound.txt. 
minicomputerMemory.txt holds all sounds and minicomputerMulti.txt the 
setups for the multis, Minicomputer is in a permanent multimode, 
providing 8 monophonic synths. Both presetfiles (minicomputerMulti and 
minicomputerMemory) has to be copied to the new created .miniComputer 
directory in your homefolder, overwriting the empty files there, to 
enjoy (?) my presets. I have to figure out how to automate that with 
Page 2 and 8 of the manual, a pdf in the doc folder, give some details.

Cheers and feel free to ask more,


Malte Steiner
media art + development

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