[LAU] Minicomputer Presets

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Wed Jun 4 14:52:41 EDT 2008


> moreover i can hear only first tab's sound:
> if i link aux out 1-2 (or all eight synths output ports) to playback_1-2
> in qjackctl's connections tab, i hear some sound only if first tab
> has volumes of aux 1-2 up; sounds aren't mixed.
> thanks in advice.
> luigi

you know that you have to switch the midi channel on your keyboard or 
other midiinput for playing each voice, or? Midichannel 1 plays voice / 
tab 1, 2 plays 2 etc...
After you spin the wheel you have to press the appropriate load button 
for actually load that setting.
Can you send me, offlist to my mailadress, a screenshot of the editor on 
your computer?



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