[LAU] Recording hiss - M-Audio Fast Track Pro, Fedora 8 CCRMA

Thomas Vaughan (Yahoo) tomva1 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 6 02:21:11 EDT 2008

Hello all-

I've been setting up a digital audio workstation using Fedora 8 and the PlanetCCRMA realtime kernel.  I've got an M-Audio Fast Track Pro connected via USB for audio and MIDI i/o.

A log of my efforts is here: http://www.wavepacket.net/tomva/wl-012-mobile-daw.html

Everything has worked out great so far, *except* for recording.

When I attempt to record audio using the Fast Track Pro, I hear a *lot* of line noise.  It doesn't seem to matter what input I use (1/4" jack or XLR), nor does adjusting the sample rate or frame count.  I get the hiss recording a guitar (direct line) or mic.  I don't see any xruns.

The Pro appears to have some sort of noise gate?  Certainly it is quiet until I start playing, at which point I'll hear the guitar plus a lot of hiss.  Other parts of my sound gear don't show this symptom.

Any ideas?  I'm hoping this is due to bad Alsa/JACK settings and not to the Fast Track Pro.



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