[LAU] avoid specimen auto connect to soundcard

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Fri Jun 6 07:07:26 EDT 2008

Atte André Jensen wrote:
> Dave Phillips wrote:
>> Do you have Patchbay persistence turned on in QJC ?
> Yes, but nothing is connecting specimen with the sound card. Tried 
> turning it off, same result.
> Or am I misunderstanding you?
No, you got it right.

I just checked my installation. Specimen 0.5.1 is included in 64 Studio, 
and it does indeed autoconnect to JACK. The program takes no 
command-line arguments, and no relevant option appears in the Settings 

IMO autoconnection should be user-definable, not automatic every time.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful about this problem.

Btw, maybe one of the current Specimen devels would consider taking out 
the STFU item in the otherwise useless Help menu ?



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