[LAU] another sampler than specimen

Emiliano Grilli emillo at libero.it
Fri Jun 6 08:03:30 EDT 2008

Friday, 06 June 2008 alle 13:36:07, Atte André Jensen ha scritto:
> Hi
> I like and use specimen alot. However it seems unmaintained, and the 
> handful of patches I've generated doesn't seem to make it into svn.
> So, what other comparable software is out there? I need something that
> * can load a setup from file
> * has build-in patch editor (so not the swami/flud combo)
> * and per-sample settings of pitch, envelope and filter (at least)
> * mapping of samples across the keyboard
> * individual outputs for each sample would be nice.
> * is handled by a gui

There was chionic:
But now the website seems non-existant
For what I recall it was pretty good but I haven't used it a lot.

Emiliano Grilli
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