[LAU] rubberband and batch processing

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Fri Jun 6 09:16:39 EDT 2008

Jan Weil wrote:
> using Bash:
> for i in *.wav; do rubberband -T1.25 $i ${i%.wav}-100.wav; done
Short & sweet, just what I was looking for. It works perfectly. Bash rules.

And now I know how to calculate the tempo conversion. :)

Thanks, Jan, and thanks also to Chris C and Marc for their suggestions.

Btw, I was working with Ardour2 last night, using the new time-stretch 
stuff with librubberband. Wow, very sweetly done there too, but not the 
most efficient way to convert about 200+ WAV files. Thanks for the great 
utility, Chris, we owe you another one. :)



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