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Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
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Gavin Stevens wrote:
> Hi Bob,
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>> I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this ... but I haven't found
>>  anything on google, etc. Must be searching wrong?
>> Anyway, I was wondering if there was any software out there which 
>> would let me control a slideshow from a midi track? I'd like to
>> have the midi going out to a synth and dedicate one channel (split
>> out) to display images on my monitor.
>> Ideas of existing software for this??
> This could be worth a read:
> http://www.gimp.org/unix/howtos/gimp-midi.html
> It's something I'm interested in doing myself, but haven't had the
> time to try it yet - I'd be interested in your thoughts on GIMP &

Interesting. I really must admit I have no idea why I would want to
control Gimp using a synth ... but, I guess there could be uses :)

The idea came to me the other night. I was playing "Smile" which was
originally written for a Chaplin movie. So, I thought that while my
accomp. track was plinking out chords and I was doing my sax thing it
would be nice to have some pics of the little tramp on my computer
screen. My thought was that in MMA I could dedicate a track to
"multimedia" and have commands sent to a display program. Really just a
matter of splitting out the midi so that one track goes to simple
"display" program.

I see lots of references to midi lighting setups ... I have no idea how
they work, I'd guess that various note events are purloined to turn
specific lights on/off (fade, etc).

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