[LAU] Howto move devices to specific IRQ's ?

Svend-Erik Kjær Madsen sv-e at sv-e.dk
Thu Jun 12 02:53:30 EDT 2008

ons, 11 06 2008 kl. 18:50 -0700, skrev Ken Restivo:
> It's been many years since I had one, so I don't remember exactly. But once I got into the BIOS screen, it was there. Figuring out what setting did what, exactly, was a matter of experimentation, IIRC. At the time I wasn't doing audio so I didn't spend much time on it-- just enough to see that the settings were there.

Ok I'm begining to be a little happy :) I'ts down to one usb port
sharing with the hdsp. I manage to get the latency under 3ms which I
find farily good, I made a little script from documentation I found on
the net, and placed it in my rc system:


#set -v
#script for tuning latency under Linux
#Setting what soundcard you want to work on
#export card="RME"
#Find your soundcards place on the PCI bus and put it in a variable
export Sound_Card_ID=`lspci|grep "RME"|cut -d ' ' -f1`
#allowing medio long bursts for all PCI devices
setpci -v -d *:* latency_timer=b0
#..then maximize latency timers for audio
setpci -v -s $Sound_Card_ID  latency_timer=ff


Then i got this result, which you can se here:


But is it possible to get ZynAddSubFX to run lower as the 5.3ms internal
latency ?

I don't know if thats an issue, but if I load tons of tones on the
keyboad the sound getting noisy but there are no X-runs, and playing
together with Hydrogen the drum sound don't seem to be affected from the
noisy sound from ZyndAddSubFX.


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