[LAU] MIDI controlled slideshow?

S Fielding s.fielding at wmcce.org
Thu Jun 12 10:14:46 EDT 2008

> This could be worth a read:
> http://www.gimp.org/unix/howtos/gimp-midi.html
> It's something I'm interested in doing myself, but haven't had the 
> time to try it yet - I'd be interested in your thoughts on GIMP & MIDI.
> Gavin.
I've not noticed this before but it interested me.  I've done some 
experimenting, only to find that the controller channels don't work 
properly. I've filed a bug report with the GIMP ( 
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=537960 ) and a patch which has 
been accepted so if you do want to try it, you might want to have quick 
look at the bug report to see what might happen.

Simon Fielding

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