[LAU] Graduating from Ubuntu Studio

Christian Delahousse christian.delahousse at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 15:04:11 EDT 2008

Hey Guys,

I started playing with Ubuntu Studio and Linux about a year ago and I now
feel that I am passed the beginner level. I don't have an indepth knowledge
of the command-line but I do know my way around, I have a good knowledge of
the way things work and I've learned the software fairly well.

Lately, Ubuntu Studio has been getting on my nerves with all the bloat. I
just want a system for digital signal processing (ie. a computer version of
a guitar pedal board) with the lowest latency possible and Ubuntu seems to
be taking up alot of space and resources.

So, I think I'm at the level where I can benefit from a stream lined, more
"user-unfriendly" system.

Firstly, do you guys think that a move away from Ubuntu Studio would be
Secondly, what would you guys suggest as a good alternative?

I've heard good things about Studio64 and Debian... Any advantages with

I'll be installing it on a AMD64 equipped laptop. I want the focus to be on
realtime stuff but I might run a few WINE apps and maybe VSTs.


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