[LAU] Graduating from Ubuntu Studio

Jeremiah Benham jjbenham at chicagoguitar.com
Fri Jun 13 18:33:31 EDT 2008

 On Fri 13/06/08  2:04 PM, "Christian Delahousse" christian.delahousse at gmail.com wrote::
> Hey Guys,
> I started playing with Ubuntu Studio and Linux about a year ago and I
> now feel that I am passed the beginner level. I dont have an indepth
> knowledge of the command-line but I do know my way around, I have a
> good knowledge of the way things work and Ive learned the software
> fairly well.
> Lately, Ubuntu Studio has been getting on my nerves with all the
> bloat. I just want a system for digital signal processing (ie. a
> computer version of a guitar pedal board) with the lowest latency
> possible and Ubuntu seems to be taking up alot of space and resources.
> So, I think Im at the level where I can benefit from a stream lined,
> more "user-unfriendly" system. 

If you are watching resources why don't you just install fluxbox and use that as your wm instead of a desktop environment like gnome.  Fluxbox allows you to keybind it like crazy. It is light and fast. You can edit the menu really easily using some of the utilities that come with fluxbox or using vim.  You can put whatever scripts you want or need in the menu. I am sure you can all of this stuff in any WM though. 

> Firstly, do you guys think that a move away from Ubuntu Studio would
> be beneficial?

Not at all. A big waste of time. I started out on Debian. Then moved to Red Hat. I liked RH but ran into problems. It was not a big deal. I fixed them. I switched then to Gentoo. In Gentoo I spent LOTS of time being a Sysadmin. I was always wondering what is the right very of jack that I should be running for ultimate stability. Then I had to recompile stuff that was compiled against jack. That was also not the only problems I had. I then discovered Ubuntu. I have never used anything else since. That is except for a server I have that runs Debian. I love Debian and Debian based distros. Very  easy. It is very simple create your own .debs if needed. In Gentoo I spent lots of time writing all these .ebuild files because I was not satisfied with the overlay's ebuilds. Anyway, I am using Ubuntu know. I actually use gnome for everything I do because it seems to perform fine. I have not had any troubles with it. My wife likes it and thinks its easy. She can update it and install things if she needs to. I tried Studio64. It was nice but did not see really any advantage over Ubuntu Studio. 


> Secondly, what would you guys suggest as a good alternative?
> Ive heard good things about Studio64 and Debian... Any advantages
> with these?
> Ill be installing it on a AMD64 equipped laptop. I want the focus to
> be on realtime stuff but I might run a few WINE apps and maybe VSTs.
> Thanks
> -Chris

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