[LAU] Rosegarden/distro

Bengt Gördén bengan at bag.org
Tue Jun 17 04:58:07 EDT 2008

Den Monday 16 June 2008 18.29.50 skrev An Th:
> thanks for all the suggestions - I'm tempted to look at 64studio, but also
> jacklab as I use Suse and find it pretty straightforward (despite diabolic
> sleeping arrangements :P )

I use JackLab and I'm happy with it. I was a gentooer before but got tierd of 
all "system work" vs "music work" on my DAW.

> sorry for all the noob qs, but any reccomendations on a (cheap!) soundcard
> with DIN input as I have a v old MIDI keyboard and would rather pay money
> for a new soundcard than a new keyboard? then again, can you still even buy
> DIN cabling?


If you live in europe it's easy to order from Thomann.


Working like a clock and costs 85 euro.

But if it's only midi with DIN you are after you could as well get a cheap 


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