[LAU] 32 track live recording

Bob Knight bk at minusw.com
Wed Jun 18 14:03:01 EDT 2008

I need the ability to record live 32 track events.
I would really like to do this with Ardour.
Before I invest too much time and effort, is this doable?
If so, what sort of input should I be looking at?
Any hope of ever having Apogee Symphony running in linux?
Anything else out there with that input quality and density?

If I can not get this to work, my other option is dumping a lot of money
into a Logic/Apogee Symphony set up.  I would like to try and void that.
I am trying to capture live performances and it just has to work.
There is no chance to go back and redo a magic moment in the live world.

thanks, bk...

Bob Knight
[-w] the work option
bk at minusw.com

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