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Philippe Hezaine philippe.hezaine at free.fr
Sat Jun 21 07:44:19 EDT 2008

hollunder at gmx.at a écrit :
> On Fri, 20 Jun 2008 15:32:12 +0200
> Philippe Hezaine <philippe.hezaine at free.fr> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Now the Drummer's Free Art reaches twenty styles more or less
>> developed. And you have the right to think of The Dreamer's Free Art.
>> http://philippe.hezaine.free.fr/spip.php?rubrique2
>> Have fun!
> Thanks Philippe,
> I think it's a really cool project, but I couldn't really try the
> lilypond and midi files yet.
> There are at two problems I have noticed so far:
> -The part English, part French website is very confusing, at least for
> me, who only knows about two or three sentences of French.
> I think that it's just not completely translated yet, right?

Oh! Sorry for my poor English! Do you talk me about the whole websites 
or only the Drummer's Free Art?
You know i'm not very knowledgeable about English translation. What a shame!
But for the DFA i don't want duplicate all the download parts of the 
It's useless. I hope you can read and understand the Introduction in 
English  (please, tell me if there are mistakes.)
and surf on the patterns in the French part. Am i missing something?
Oh yes! I see now. May be a translation of the little sentences in a few 
articles. Am i right?

> -The .pdf files contain a kind of notation that probably is some kind
> of drum notation. It would be very helpful to have some kind of
> explanation/reference.

Yes. I'll add the mapping of the notation in a separate article. Good 
point. Thanks.
For now you find a .zip here at the bottom :

> Maybe I'm just stupid, but I could really use some general information,
> like what and how to do with those files.
Whatever you want. For instance, copy and paste the bars of your choice 
in a new .ly file and recompile your editing.
You'll have a new midifile and a pdf of your own. With free sources.
Or import a pattern midifile in a sequenceur, copy and paste your 
selection in another track, customize your velocities
and play.

> Thanks for your effort.
> Best regards,
> 	Philipp
All the best.
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