[LAU] Input device: Nvidia CK084 Mic ADC provides massive Xruns

Aurelien orl at ammd.net
Mon Jun 23 13:11:40 EDT 2008


As I will soon be recording my new album, I'd like to work a bit at
I've got a (very bad) embedded audio soundcard at home, which is based
on NVidia CK084.
I've got a RT kernel, work on Debian, with Rosegarden (for notations
edition and MIDI playing) and ardour (in order to record my voices, and
to hear them right after).
All is OK by that side, I work with a latency of 2.5ms, and it's widely
sufficient for what I want to do at that time.
On the hardware side, I've got a TL-Audio preamp, which I link to the
only one input of my sound card, and on which I plug my mic. My gains
are OK on it, and output level is fine.
The fact is, as one could guess, when I chose input device as "default"
in jack, I have very poor sound, very low, with big noise. So, I'd like
to adapt it for a non-line-level input, and I've chosen NVidia CK084 Mic
ADC as an input device. But the problem is that, with this choices,
Xruns don't stop, and finally jack stops!

I really don't need a good system, as it's only for some training, but
if I cannot hear what I sing, it doesn't serve in any way.

Does someone as an idea about what to do to get a higher input level,
without having so much Xruns.


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