[LAU] Qjackctl dutch howto

rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 16:47:04 EDT 2008

nescivi wrote:
> Hi rosea,
> I had a quick glance at it, and it seems like a good text for people to get 
> started.
> Keep up the good work!
> sincerely,
> Marije
That's exactly what I want, more (dutch) people who are going to use 
Linux for making music. But allthought the linux community is growing, 
people seems to find it hard to start learning to work with Jack, 
Qjackctl etc. So I've made this tutorial.
A more recent version you can find here:


There is also a NEWBIE page at the Linux musicians wiki, with the same aim:


About qjackctl tutorial:
I've made a translation of good resources on the internet and made a 
story of it...

A few things (which I am aware of) which I don't understand yet:

- The forward function in the patchbay
-  The difference between Transport Time Code and Transport BTT (display)

Is there a document which explains ALL the little features and setting 
of Qjackctl?


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