[LAU] interactive performance

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 16:57:05 EDT 2008


I just brainstormed with a friend and came up with the idea of 
integrating the audience in my chuck based electronica performance. All 
of the music is parameterized anyways, and since chuck understands OSC, 
I thought this might not be so difficult. I do realize that it's not 
easy though, especially since I have no experience with this.

So I'm looking for some way to let the audience affect "something" that 
sends data to chuck (preferably by osc). Hopefully something that'll 
allow a crows (at least more than a handful) of people to interact in a 
way that they can actually recognize they're in fact affecting the 
music, although no in a precise, "solo-instrumentalist" kind of way, 
more of a collective gesture.

I googled a bit, but didn't hit anything useful (maybe because I don't 
know how to ask), so did anyone here try something similar? Any tips, 
hints, software, approaches, not-tos, links, whatever would be highly 

Anyways a few thoughts:

1) Something that reads from an usb-device and sends OSC would (I think) 
be easiest to handle.

2) I keep coming back to a web-cam based solution, since it's easy to 
carry and setup + all tweaking is done in software, as opposed to 
building some huge, DIY hardware controller. We already have a VJ, so e 
could project some of the input to provide visual feedback to the audience.

3) Another possibility is using some of the other ready-to-use, 
mass-produced (= cheap) controllers readily available, like a dance-mat 
(although that is limiting the amount of people able to interact with 
the system at the same time). Are there any obvious devices I should 
look into?

peace, love & harmony

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