[LAU] Some questions about QjackCTL

rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 04:49:45 EDT 2008


When I was making a tutorial for QjackCTL I was wondering about the 
names of the midi tabs in 'connect'. I learned that you have two types 
of MIDI on Linux, Midi-jack (MIDI) and Midi-ALSA(ALSA). I found the 
names of the tabs not really logical and a bit confusing. Why could I 
find my MIDI connections in the ALSA tab and not in the MIDI tab?

I suggest to change those names to MIDI-jack and Midi-alsa or JMIDI and 
AMIDI or whatever, to make it more clear.

And can somebody explain met the forward function in PAtchbay?

And what is the difference between Transport Time Code and Transport BTT 
in Display?

Is there a document which explains ALL the features and settings of 

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