[LAU] Hardware: elektr piano / keyboard

schoappied schoappied at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 05:06:00 EDT 2008

Veronica Merryfield wrote:
> If this is any help, I got a used weighted touch sensitive master 
> keyboard and went with soft synths. I spent my money in a focused way 
> - decent keyboard that didn't tie me to any sound hardware then a 
> decent soft synth, and now many.
> Just a thought.
Thanks. I want to have a elektr. piano/ keyboard which sounds like a 
piano (without the use of a computer). I don't need a whole lot of 
sounds (a hammond organ and rhodos sound would be nice)... So I think 
that's what youre talking about too. What is the keyboard you have, if I 
may ask?


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