[LAU] Hardware: elektr piano / keyboard

Bert Visser bourdon at kabelfoon.net
Thu Jun 26 09:54:27 EDT 2008

Hello Dirk,
> So I think this one is more usefull for me: 
> http://www.thomann.de/nl/yamaha_np30_b.htm
I've got this one and i like it. It has good enough sounds for simple 
things like accompanying a choir in a small chapel or home and the touch 
is reasonble especially for that kind of money.
> Then this one http://www.thomann.de/nl/yamaha_psre313.htm
> for example...
These keyboards are pretty usuable but the touch responsitivity is much 
less than with piano's and you pay a lot of money for many sounds and 
styles you probably don't need and will never use. If you want good 
pianosound and -feel I wouldn't choose this one, but of course that's 
just my opinion.
> Can I connect all the elektr. pianos and keyboards to a computer (maudio 
> audiophile 24/96 and maudio dmp3) and work with MIDI?
If your keyboard or piano has USB midi it's very easy to connect 
multiple instruments. If they use the (older) midi Din plugs (like the 
Yamaha NP 30) you may need something like a M-Audio Midisport.
The M-Audio Dmp3 goes into your audio interface so this one has nothing 
to do with midiports.


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