[LAU] OT: linux phone?

Marco Milanesi kpanic at muppetslab.org
Fri Jun 27 04:12:45 EDT 2008

> > ken, you can try Motorola "MotoMing" A1200E, it runs gnu/linux, it's
> > stable and working. it uses qtopia
> > 
> > try to discover it on http://www.motorolafans.com, there's also a
> > developer section
> Thanks!
> I've found A1200's for sale around here on Craiglist-- cheap-- but they are not
> A1200E's. Thus, I can't tell if they are the Linux versions or something else.
> Does the "E" stand for Europe? They don't seem available here.
> I've also not had good luck with Motorola products in the past either. And that
> stylus is just begging to get lost (as I used to do with Palm Pilot stylii back
> in the day).

E stands for Edge, pay attention it has no WiFi, but atm I don't care.

as I said pretty stable for daily use, if you want a phone! :)


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